This is Me!

Hello, welcome to my blog! 😀

My name is Aisyah Rahmadini ^^

I have many nicknames from my friends : “ais”, “syah”, “aisyah”, “ich”, “ichi”, “aisy”, “uthe”, “uut”, “ichigo”,  but my real nickname is Icha 🙂

I’m 24 years old (DOB : May 25th, 1994).
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I’m a soon-to-be-doctor.
I want to be an Internist~

I love photography and traveling 😀
I really love cats & other animals too ♥

I’m searching someone who KIND, HONEST, SMART, polite, friendly, humorous, and have tall body ♥
Will be better if he love animals especially cats, have wonderful voice, and can playing piano or guitar too ♥
and the most important is…
I’m searching someone who can accept my weakness & love me whatever I am ♥

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Thank you for reading ^^


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